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Understanding our pricing

Our pricing is based on three things: number of participants, number of live tests and whether or not your account is iPad ready.

Participants: Participants are sourced from you and your client's contacts, they are the people who'll go to the IntuitionHQ test URL and complete the test. Each of our plans allows you to see results from a certain number of participants, for example our most popular plan allows you to see results from up to 150 participants.

Live tests: Live tests are tests that have been published by you in IntuitionHQ. Tests that are in draft are not counted against your allowed number of live tests. Our most popular plan allows you to have up to 5 tests live at any given time.

iPad ready: All of our paid for plans are iPad ready, this means that if you have our iPad app you can log in with your usual IntuitionHQ login see all of your published tests. Your customers can complete tests right in front of you.

All of our plans, including our free plan, allow you to set up an unlimited number of questions in each test.