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What is IntuitionHQ?

IntuitionHQ is a simple, powerful online usability tool. It's designed to help you see which parts of your design are working for users, and which parts aren't. By running tests on your design work with real users as it's in progress, you get instant feedback on where they're succeeding and where they're failing - information you can use to guide the next stage of design.

Best of all, IntuitionHQ provides the test results in a clear, easy to understand form that is great to share with your clients.

How does it work?

Using IntuitionHQ is easy. Just sign up for an account and start making tests.

To create a test you upload screenshots, then write tasks for users to complete. There are all sorts of ways to word your questions to get the information you need.

Once you've finished creating the test, you get a URL you can share with clients, friends, user groups, twitter followers - whoever you want to get feedback from.

Leave the test open for as long as you like. You can watch the results coming in on the IntuitionHQ website, and share the results (as heatmap visualisations) with clients via a URL.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing allows you to test the success of two different design options.

To run an A/B test, you just upload two screenshots or images (A and B) for a single task - IntuitionHQ handles the hard stuff. When you publish your test, for we take roughly 50% of the traffic and direct to either screen A or screen B. If you had 50 people take your test, approximately 25 would see screen A and 25 would see screen B.

When you view the results you will see the two screens side by side, along with a heatmap of who clicked where on each task, and the average length of time it took them to click. This will show you which design had the greatest success rate with real users.

Why should I do usability testing?

When you're very close to a project (like when you're designing a website) it's easy to miss things.

Using IntuitionHQ gives you objective information about how people will use the pages you're designing: information you can use to improve your designs.

Likewise, if you're struggling with a certain aspect of the design, or want to see which of several options has the highest success rate, A/B user testing can show which direction you should take.

Testing with IntuitionHQ can also give you the data to show clients that the design solutions you're proposing are correct. You'll have solid metrics that show exactly how people are using the design.

How do I sell usability testing to clients?

The easier a site is to use, the faster a visitor can complete the task they came to do, and the happier they'll be. Happy customers are repeat customers, and they speak well of their experience.

However, you don't want to find out whether the design's working or not after you launch. Usability testing before the design is finalised and passed over to the developer can help spot potentially expensive oversights and mistakes before they're built.

IntuitionHQ is also an easy way for your clients to engage with the design process. They can share tests with stakeholders and key audiences just by sending out a link, and understand the results at a glance. It's cost and time efficient from their perspective, and from yours.

How does IntutitionHQ provide value for money?

We've set the pricing for IntuitionHQ with small to medium design studios and freelancers in mind. Usability testing firms can charge thousands or tens of thousands to do testing on your behalf, but IntuitionHQ puts the tools in your hands at a fraction of the cost of other services.

You can sign up and create tests for free, and only pay to view more than ten responses. After that you can choose from a range of plans ranging from $49 to $149 a month, between 100-500 participants per tests, and up to 10 tests live at any one time.

Usability testing is all about trouble-shooting in advance. You can find the problems and fix them before they affect real users. In the long run, this reduces customer complaints and support calls, and expensive rework to fix problems you only discovered after your website or application went live.

What kind of questions should I ask?

IntuitionHQ has an opening screen where users are instructed to read the task at the top of the page, then click the best place on the design you've uploaded to achieve that task. This means you can keep your actual questions simple and direct.

For example, you can check basic way-finding tasks:

  • Go back to the homepage
  • Find contact details
  • See media releases
  • Find an event in June

Or try testing interactions:

  • Login to this site
  • Add an item to the shopping cart
  • Leave a comment on a blog post
  • Enter the competition
  • Sign up for the newsletter

Check out this sample test to see some popular questions. The IntuitionHQ blog also has more examples of usability questions.

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