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A quick guide to A/B testing with IntuitionHQ

Posted by Kirstin on March 20th, 2012

A/B Testing for Usability

A/B Testing is a method for testing variations in live sites; you can have two different variations of a text, button or other element and find out which one works best. You can easily create an A/B test using IntuitionHQ, this post gives you a step by step process to set up a test.

A/B testing is achieved by sending roughly 50% of the sites traffic to the different variations (either A or B – not both) and seeing which one works best by analysing the results. Whatever ideas you have to test, whatever variations you can think of, just upload them, set a task, and see which one works best. The great thing about this is you don’t need to make changes to your live site, and it’s easy to add multiple tasks to test different variations.


How to set up an A/B test

Step 1: Select A/B test 

Follow steps 1 and 2 from our IntuitionHQ quick guide post, then when you are presented with the first Question for task screen, select the link in red, ‘Click here to make an A/B test with two screenshots’:


Step 2: Upload two screenshots

You will then be presented with one question field and upload options for two screenshots, A and B:

Enter your question, for example ’Learn more about our project management approach. Upload the two screenshots.  When your participants take the test 50% of users will see the first screenshot and the question and the other 50% will see the second screenshot and question.


Step 3: Preview your A/B questions

To view the questions with both screenshots present go to Project Overview – Tasks and click on the number adjacent to either A or B under the Replies column.

You’ll then be able to see your question with both screenshots displaying side by side.


Step 4: Interpreting the results of an A/B test

To view your results go to the published project in your dashboard and click on the number under the Replies column:

From the results – we can see that on screenshot A, 25 of the participants clicked on the ‘working with Boost’ navigation, whereas on screenshot B only 21 participants clicked the alternative navigation item -’agile’.  This A/B test result indicates that ‘working with Boost’ works better as a navigation item than ‘agile’.

Following the steps above allows you to set up an A/B test to test variations within your site design. We hope you’ve found this quick guide useful and we’d be grateful for any feedback you have on creating an A/B test with IntuitionHQ.  You can comment via the comment box below or email us on [email protected]







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  • uxUsable

    I’ve been having some issues with creating an A/B test. I signed up for a free account and when trying preview my A/B test, only one of the screenshots I uploaded appeared. Even when I publish the project and use the publish link, I only still get one image to pop up despite it being an A/B test. Is this occurring because i’m using the free trial plan? Or i’m I doing something wrong?

    Any feedback and help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Antonis Vlachos

    Same problem here…