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My experience of San Fran (the first week and a bit)

Posted by Jacob Creech on November 25th, 2011

Oh, hi there internet, how are you going? It’s Jake here, just wanted to give you a brief insight into our trip to San Fran.

We’ve been here for around a week and a half now, and time has just flown by. The first couple of days for me were spent getting everything set up – including of course a Scrum board for planning our actions in San Fran (with one week sprints, if you are curious). We’ve come up with a bunch of valuable actions that we can perform while we are here, and are quickly putting them into action.

I’ve been out to a couple of different coworking events, and met all sorts of people who are really interested in the work that we are doing, and how simple good usability can be. It’s great to see this sort of reception from designers, developers and users about good usability.

We’ve been working at a place called the Kiwi Landing Pad (KLP) which is in a very handy location in the SoMa area of SF. It seems there are a ton of startups in that area, and I’d definitely suggest checking it out if that’s what you are in to.

There are several innovative Kiwi businesses located at the KLP, including vWorkApp who are working on an awesome distribution/dispatch app, and VendHQ who are an online point of sale app – think of cash registers coming into the 21st century. It’s really cool seeing what New Zealand businesses are pumping out, and it’s great to be able to share some stories and get great advice from people like these.

Nathan and I have been making a lot of progress on the future shape of IntuitionHQ, and our devs back home in New Zealand have been powering along getting a lot of things done; we’ll have a lot of exciting news to share on that front soon.

Tonight we are off for a Thanksgiving feast of fake turkey (or Tofurkey), and I really think we have a lot to be thankful for, including our awesome users from all around the world. Thanks for all your support over the year, and thanks for making more usable websites.

Lastly, we’ve got a bit of a meetup coming up next week for those of you in San Fran – come find us at the Zeitgeist Bar on the 2nd of December after 7pm – we’d love to meet you there.

Happy holidays everyone, we look forward to catching up soon.

Jake and the team at IntuitionHQ.


Our first week in San Francisco

Posted by Nathan on November 24th, 2011

What a great week, off the plane and straight into “The Coaching Stance“, met and worked with more than a dozen great people.

The highlights so far:

the food: tasty, cheap, and plenty of it!
toaster waffles,OK, still technically food but in the toaster!
the people: friendly, warm and open minded
The Mission: Newtown on steroids (amongst other things!)
San Fran Agilistas: whoa, so much experience
Learning more people are now using agile methodologies to run projects than waterfall
So many opportunities to help people with usability

What I am looking forward to next week:

  • Burritos
  • meeting lots more people
  • Thanksgiving, toaster turkey anyone?
  • Hitting the MTB trails here and in Marin
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