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We Want Your Feedback: Monthly Pricing

Posted by Jacob Creech on August 30th, 2011

Since launching, IntuitionHQ has been priced on a per-test basis. Anyone can sign up for an account for free and pay $9 when they publish a test.

After a lot of thinking and conversations with users, we’re now looking at moving to a monthly price plan. These are the main factors we’ve been considering:

  • requests from IntuitionHQ users who say they’d prefer regular billing over lots of one-off charges
  • comments from a number of potential users, who say they won’t use IntuitionHQ until it has a monthly or yearly plan
  • a monthly price plan makes it easier for people to compare IntuitionHQ to other usability testing products
  • monthly pricing is ideal for people running lots of tests
  • monthly pricing will make the income we derive from IntuitionHQ more predictable, and make it easier for us to plan for future development.

We’re now ready to share our proposed price plan with you. We’d really love to hear what you think: after all, we wouldn’t be where we are now without our users.

Monthly Pricing on IntuitionHQ

Monthly Pricing on IntuitionHQ

Got that? Let’s dive into the details

Participants – Using the Small plan as an example, 100 participants means you can get up to 100 results per question. With the Medium plan you get up to 350 results. The Large plan will take all the participants you can throw at it. We think this is a great deal, and we hope you will too.

Unlimited Questions – We’ve seen some web services that limit you to one question per test, which we think is pretty tricky. While we definitely recommend you think hard about how many questions you put in each test (we generally see a drop off for online testing after 10-15 questions; if you’re doing the test in person you can safely include more) we want to leave this up to you to decide. If you’ve got a lot of questions you’d like to ask, you can run wild.

Live Tests – Again, looking at the Small plan, two live tests means you can have two open, running tests at any time. If you ran each test for a week and then archived it (archived tests and their results remain available for as long as you have an IntuitionHQ account), that’s 8 tests a month. This will give you heaps of flexibility to run fast, iterative tests (which we totally think you should be doing). Looking at the Large plan, you can have 10 tests open at any one time, which we think is will satisfy even the heaviest IntuitionHQ user.

iPad Test Ready – Did you know we’ve got an iPad app for testing on the go (called Usability)? We think this is pretty great, and it takes guerrilla usability testing to a whole new level. Every plan will work automatically with the iPad app: all you need to do is download the Usability app from the iTunes App Store, sync up your tests, and hit the streets.

You’ll notice the Large plan comes with a free copy of our iPad app, just to sweeten the deal.

A free test option – Last but not least, we’re also planning to introduce a free plan. We think this will be a great beginner option for people who want to test out IntuitionHQ, or who are dipping their toes into online usability testing. We want the web to be a more usable place for everyone, and we hope that in our own small way giving free access to IntuitionHQ will contribute to that.

What do you think?

So, that’s what we are thinking. We’d really love your feedback on the future of IntuitionHQ.

How do you feel about monthly pricing? Be sure to let us know in the comments below, on Twitter @IntuitionHQ or at Facebook.com/IntuitionHQ.

Thanks again for your feedback, and for your continued support.

The team at IntuitionHQ.

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  • http://blog.designlove.co.uk/ FREE TEMPLATES BLOG

    Hello IntuitionHQ,

    First off I would like to say you have an amazing website! It has nice traffic,inbound links and CMS behind it.

    On the pricing…Even though I have not used your software, being a application dev/designer I would say the prices are a tad bit too high for monthly fees. I am not just criticizing your product, but I say this for ALL online ‘WEB 2.0, subscriptions, pay-as-you-go, saas services’.

    Remember its not always about the product that people consider before buying, I think most would agree that quality and nice numbers are the perfect solution.

    With that said pricing I would choose is:
    Small – $30
    Medium – $40
    Large – $50

    Yes looks crazy, I know I am sorry. But you’ve to consider the economy too. And for most countries the current state is not good especially for SMEs, who I would think is your biggest audience at the moment.

    Sometimes we forget and think its all about the web. Well it is. No its not. Yes it is. Ooops. Sorry for the humor.

    Last point Web 2.0 is huge. Thats another reason for the pricing I set out, as many Web 2.0 developers might try imitate your service and even make it opensource to try and gain more clients.

    But remember the goals here are: 
    1. High quality product and service
    2. Value for money, so you can retain and gain more/new customers
    3. Creating a product that will be sustainable and very useful

    Apologies for in-depth feedback! But I am sure you will enjoy it!

    Thank you,

  • Haakon Halvorsen

    Keep both options open. Those who use your site regulary can sign up for monthly – the others will use it once in a while. Don’t see any problems supporting both revenue models(?).