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What is website usability and other interesting tweets

Posted by Jacob Creech on February 14th, 2011

The web is full of experts on all sorts of topics (and website usability is no exception), and often it’s hard to discern who really knows what they are talking about, and who just read a book on the topic and fancies themselves an expert. Of course, I don’t want to judge too harshly, because the way I see it we are all learning the whole time, but some times I come across sites that really make me wonder just what people are thinking and how expert they could possibly be.

That said most of the sites I stumble across are really very well done, and I am constantly impressed with both the quality and quantity of information available on the internet, especially considering how much of this information you can get for free, or in exchange for your email address.

Today we have a large selection of great information, but I’m going to start with a site I was sent that while espousing the virtues of website usability manages to do quite the oposite:

What is website usability? Not this: http://imgur.com/BGas3 (image) #website #usability #UX #webdesign #fail

All I can say about this site is really? Really?

Interesting Post: Designing a Reason to Come Back: http://ow.ly/3UeVr #webdesign #UX #UCD

Anyone with kids will get this immediately – basically describes how using different events can help motivate people to return to your site (or game)

Website Usability Lessons from Chuck Norris http://ow.ly/3UaG4 #usability #UX #webdesign

Funny, well written post. Who doesn’t love Chuck Norris?

Should Developers also be UX Professionals and Graphics Designers? http://ow.ly/3S0Fn #UX #webdesign #usability

Thoughts? I’m sure I know a few people who can design and develop, but this post does make an interesting point

Interesting Look at User Personas: The Cheapest Way To Make More Money With Your Site http://ow.ly/3SKFO #Usability #UX

User personas are a useful tool to help examine your site, and make sure it works for who you’d like it to work for – this post might help motivate you towards that end

@TheOatmeal hits the nail on the head again: What I want from a restaurant website. http://bit.ly/gD5WBF #Usability #UX via @phostercreative

And a funny one to finish off with. The Oatmeal is a great comic, and once again this post sums up poor design very succinctly. Check it out

That’s all for this week, if you’ve got any great post, resources or information you’d like to share, let us know and we’ll be sure to add it next time round.

Happy testing everyone.

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    So basically, website usability helps users gain access to every content of your site in a breeze. Consoles and interfaces should be user-friendly and site links should be easy to find. Most of all, there shouldn’t be any eye-sore advertisements that pop-out every few seconds or something like that.